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Skin Brightening Complex

Skin Brightening Complex


Each box contains two 50ml vials of Skin Brightening Complex, a powerful combination of natural bio-whites that inhibit the formation of skin discolorations such as age and sun spots as well as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

For best results, the infusion of Skin Brightening Complex should be preceded by a chemical peel with glycolic acid (Renewal Complex 1) or, for more sensitive skin, with mandelic acid (Renewal Complex 2).

Active Ingredients:

A high concentration of the registered Stay-C Vitamin, a stable Vitamin C that is resistant to oxidation.

Natural whitening extracts from Lemon Balm, Achillea, Skullcap, Grapevine, Blackberry and Coatflower make up the new 'Bio-whites', natures color pigment inhibitors. Anti-oxidants in Crowberry extract and Licorice prevent redness.