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Renewal Complex 1 - 2 x 50ml Vials

Renewal Complex 1 - 2 x 50ml Vials


A Gentle Skin Peel for Sensitive & Acneic Skin, as well as Rosacea

Glycolic acid is one of the smallest molecules of the alpha-hydroxy acid family, meaning it is water-soluble and penetrates deeply into the skin. There it “un-glues” dead skin cells and removes them from the skin, making skin brighter and evening out skin tone, while encouraging new cells to appear.

Renewal Complex 1 is a gentle skin peel formulation that combines 5% glycolic acid with soothing ingredients and is ideal for individuals with sensitive or acneic skin or those suffering from rosacea. Used regularly, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, smoothens skin texture, and boosts radiance.

Main Active Ingredients

  • Glycolic Acid: As a gentle exfoliant, 5% glycolic acid (pH 3.3) helps to shed dead skin layers and renew the skin’s surface in order to visibly soften signs of aging. After an exfoliation with Renewal Complex 1, the skin is deeply cleansed, looks smoother and brighter, and is ready to receive the JetSolutions customized to each client's skin concerns.
  • Vitamin B5 & Aloe Vera: Renewal Complex 1 is enriched with soothing aloe vera and Vitamin B5, which are effective in preventing excessive redness or irritation.